Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pastelles Scarf


This scarf is knitted from one end to the other, increasing on the first half and decreasing on the second half. A very easy knit, perfect for an introduction to lace knitting.

Approximate finished measurements:
200 cm X 25 cm
80" X 10"

Lovit Bison :(65% Superwash Fine Merino, 25% Lyocell cellulose, 10% Premium Canadian Bison) 450 meters(490 yards)

4 mm (6 US) circular needle or whatever needle will give you the correct gauge.

Stitch marker

22sts = 4" in garter stitch.

Woman’s Energy

This piece is knitted from the center going out. It has 9 sections of swirls. The number 9 is divisible in parts by 3.
The symbolism represented by this piece is that on the first time you learn, on the second, you master, and on the third you create.
All of the components of the shawl can be divided by 3…
Number of Sections---9
Number of Pattern Sequence---3
Number of Stitches in the round---1260
Number of Points---45

3 mm / 2 US dpns (bamboo or wood as they are lighter and won’t slip as much)
3 mm / 2 US circular needles
3.5 mm / 4 US circular needles

Yarn requirement:
300 gm of Fibre-Isle Kami Bison lace weight yarn.
2400 meters/ 2640 yards

Finished size:
1.6 m in diameter / 66 inches in diameter

With 3.5 mm needles / 4 us
28 stitches = 10 cm / 4 inches

9 stitch markers: 1 to mark beginning of the round and 8 to mark sections of repeats.

Inspired by the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, my life can be defined in very few words:
Don’t let your life consume your passion… but let your passion consume your life.

In the spring of 2009, I was invited by Women’s Work(s) to contribute a piece for the upcoming charity auction in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I was honoured to be included, and gladly created and introduced Women’s Energy to the auction.

The charity chosen was the PEI Family Violence Foundation, Anderson House. It is a group of caring individuals counselling, and aiding PEI families that have fallen victim to family violence. Those who have been physically, mentally or emotionally abused by a member of their own family reach out to Anderson House for help, guidance and support.

Family Violence is not restricted to our little Island. It is found in every community, town and city in the world. Helping create awareness and raising funds will help those in need of counselling and the many benefits of these great programs.

We have chosen the Women’s Energy Pattern to be our charity pattern with all proceeds going to PEI Family Violence, Anderson House.

As we feel that family violence is a global issue, we would like to encourage you to consider donating to your own local Family Violence programs.

Thank you for the donation you have made to this cause by purchasing this pattern.
We wish you much success with any charity you may wish to engage in.

Together through the art and joy of knitting, we can help empower those affected, and support the programs that reduce the prevalence of global family violence in our communities.

Wishing you passion in your life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kami Bison Yarns

Kami Bison is starting to be my favourite yarn.
Of course, I always loved lace and cobweb yarns.
The blend is wonderful to knit and feels very nice.
The fun of making it has been creating all these new colors.
I hand blend the different fiber colors before spinning and see what
new color comes out.
The blending results in live colors reflecting the mix of the various shades I used.
There is no end to the combinations and shades available.
I have been spinning 2 or 3 Kg lots until I can decide which colors I like best.
So far I like them all so maybe I'll just keep creating new colors...
But for now, here are some of the latest colors.


Rose Petal
Rose Citrouille
Bleu Mauve

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Projects for Fibre-Isle

A few things to highlight today. We received our first samples of our Lovit Bison yarn that were hand painted by artisans Louise Lortie and Elaine Schuller at FibreEnsemble. We will soon be posting hand painted color ways of our yarns. Here are the first two color samples of our latest blend. We call it Kami Bison, which is a blend of 60% bamboo, 30% fine merino and 10% premium Canadian Bison. We are still developing new colors and we will post them soon. This fine yarn is available in a single ply at 800m/50 grms, 2 ply at 400m/50grm and 60om/50grms. It will also be available hand painted. More information soon.

Product Photo Shoot

Here are some of our finished projects that Sylvie has knit. All of these were made with our yarn. I'd like to thank Patricia and Blondine for doing such an amazing job taking the pictures! Most of these are Sylvie's patterns.

We'll start with the wrist warmers and the socks.

These scarves are actually made using just the felt. Made by our good friends Louise and Elaine. Thanks! ~Alex (The Son)

And here we start with the beautiful shawls and scarves. They're just gorgeous! ~Alex (The Son)

Oh, and this one is just.... breathtaking. I've never seen anything like this. ~Alex (The Son)

I don't know if you can see there are actually some beads at the ends of the scarf. It's really neat. ~Alex (The Son)